Find your why.

What are you passionate about, what does the plaque in the kitchen say about loving homes and strangers being friends you haven’t met yet? You know what, screw that. It’s not about finding ‘your why’. It’s about deciding that you want to leave the planet in a better state than you found it. Smarter people than I say things like ‘taking no action is worse than committing the crime’ or something like that.

We are all so wrapped up in motivation speak, in self-improvement, in beating the next guy. It’s wrapped up as being a winner, being the best you can be,  you’re only competing against yourself but I’m calling bullshit on that. It’s not healthy. I’m going to use words like journey and destination and action but stay with me here.

We have a world that is eating itself alive, black against white, rich against poor, god against god. We haven’t evolved to be crammed into cities, to compete for attention and try to be the best we can be so we can look down at the rest of the planet with a sense of entitled superiority.  Surely the right way is to quietly go about your business ensuring that your business doesn’t just tick over without impacting anyone, but to make sure you and your business contribute to society and the world as a whole. I’m not suggesting that all businesses and personal interests should involve hemp shoes and singing to trees. People do need things like entertaining, like interesting food and god forbid alcohol or religion or whatever your drug of choice is. I’m saying have all that. I’m saying have it from ‘sustainable’ providers and businesses and friends who give two shits about the trail they leave behind them.

It’s easy to sit in my ivory tower saying save the rainforests, don’t encourage logging and stop using oil, while I tap away on my expensive keyboard with my heating on (it is a little chilly), drinking gallons of tea. I get that at the ends of the chain I’m facilitating rainforest destruction, labour exploitation and environmental impact.

The power of the individual lies in tiny changes. You shouldn’t look to change the world, you can’t. You can change the velocity at which we spiral toward a lack of choice. Be a good person. That’s where it starts. I don’t have the answers, maybe we’ll figure them out together.  

I’ll use one quote. ‘What happens in life echoes in eternity’. What I read that as is ‘If you fuck it up, you’re fucking it up for everyone else that follows, don’t be a dick’.